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PUNKTOWN - Episode 36: Party Prep

Our Punktowner's have got to get a plan together. A local ultranet star has a rare book they want and it looks like he is going to be throwing a party. Time to dust off the hot dog carts and order more capsaicin for the volcano dog challenge.

PUNKTOWN - Episode 35: Bookstore Fun

Our Punktowners are in need of some good ol' fashioned book learning, and a very specific kind of book learning at that. More on the occult side of things if you will. So it's off to the bookstore to enact some felonies.

One on One Gaming - The Shroud of Olindor: Part One

Conner is back! This time it's off to the auction house to try and procure a rare artifact for a group of collectors. Should be easy enough, right?

PUNKTOWN - Episode 34: Tenpenny Gets a Pet

It's another in-between episode! Keeper Cris pulls out the story prompt box and our Punktowners lives get more complicated, except for Tenpenny, whose life gets even better with a new pet!

One on One Gaming - Redemption: Part Three

Conner is deep into the castle, but can he find out what is causing this curse and put a stop to it, and will his martial arts prowess be the key to success?

PUNKTOWN - Episode 33: Get the Eye

Our Punktowners know where the object is located and they have a plan, but what could be waiting for them? Come for the green plasma, stay for the mecha-shoggoths.

One on One Gaming - Redemption: Part Two

Conner has made it to the keep and now it is time for some good old fashion exploring, but everyone is still calling him by another name. Can Conner find out what caused this place to seemingly be frozen in time, or will he perish here and become one more ghost to haunt its halls.

PUNKTOWN - Episode 32: Aikeet Takes a Short

Our Punktowners have got two jobs to complete, theft and murder respectively, and with all that is going on Aikeet has his eye on the prize. Using every situation to enrich himself further. It is the Punktown way!

One on One Gaming - Redemption: Part One

Conner is back! This time while helping to officiate a funeral he is tasked with investigating on old keep, with a mysterious past.

PUNKTOWN - Episode 31: Two Missions

After a short Covid hiatus, our Punktowners are back! In this episode they are given two missions to accomplish, steal something and kill someone. But one of these missions is not like the other.

Solo Quests: Life as a Spell Scroll

Cris plays another solo game, this time it is the interesting and melancholy game where you enact the life a spell scroll, from birth to being used and discarded. Interesting and ultimately a little sad.

Tavern Ballads - Runequest - Episode 59: We Save Avilda

Avilda is in trouble! And only one gang of murderous children can save her!

One on One Gaming - The Lost City of Bransik: Part Three

Conner is going to get that book, one way or another, but is the deadly traps set by a long dead wizard the only dangers? Or is there someone watching Conner from the darkness, ready to strike.

One on One Gaming - The Lost City of Bransik: Part Two

Conner has found the city and with some mild amount of violence has possibly stumbled upon the wizards old abode. Now it's just a quick in and out to get the book and be back before the abbot finishes his nightly lecture, but things are never that easy.

One on One Gaming - The Lost City of Bransik: Part One

Conner is back! This time it's off to a boring religious conference with his abbot, but a message from a mysterious individual could spell an end for Conner's ad hoc vacation.

The Adventures of Haas - The Burning Plague: Part Two

Haas and Bobo are making quick work of these kobolds, all the while not skipping their daily workout routine! But is there something more to this plague than a bunch of medaling kobolds?

The Adventures of Haas - The Burning Plague: Part One

No Conner, no problem! We've got another one GM on player game, this time it is Matt sitting across the table as the muscle bound worshiper of Kord. Can our hero and his orc in training stop a horrible plague, all the while getting those gains? Tune in to find out.

One on One Gaming - Journey into Riddle Canyon: Part Two

Conner after some light violence against the animal population finds the sinister workings on in the Canyon. Can Conner's martial arts prowess and help from a local goblin defeat this menace?

One on One Gaming - Journey into Riddle Canyon Part One

Conner is once again called into action, this time to investigate what became of a goblin clan. They have not been seen in some time, which makes for a dangerous situation, either they are organizing for a big raid, or something else more dangerous had moved in.

One on One Gaming - The Star of Olindor Part Three

Enough skulking! It's time for Conner to take some risks and attempt a big risk, big reward plan. Will it pay off though? Or will the Baron's head guard turn him into a pin cushion?

One on One Gaming - The Star of Olindor Part Two

Conner with a brand new spellbook and access to the manor house thinks it may be time to go snooping around. Can he find out what the nefarious schemes of the baron are before he is caught and thrown in the dungeon?

One on One Gaming - The Star of Olindor: Part One

Conner is back in the next instalment of his epic quest! This time is a rogue module that is light on the fighting and heavy on the skulking. A disease is spreading through the area, one that the local clerics and healers are having a difficult time curing, but a local baron is able to cure the disease, at an extravagant price! With more people getting sick and dying by the day the local church hires Conner to "borrow" the item the Baron has gotten a hold of that is at the center of his healing powers. Is this all just about making a buck off the backs of the sick, or is there more to this story?

Tavern Ballads - Runequest Episode 58: Our Gang bids farewell to the Spirit

The spirit! Man of mystery and shaman prowess! But like all great men, the icy hand of destiny awaits! And by destiny I mean die a pointless death in an alley.

One on One Gaming - The Forbidden Hills: Part Three

This is it, the showdown with an evil spirit to bring life back to area and save the tribe. This will be a battle for the ages! The likes that have never been seen! Or Conner will cheese it, cast a spell, and beat it to death with a mace.

One on One Gaming - The Forbidden Hills: Part Two

Our lone monk has discovered some sort of ancient temple, that is swarming with bugbears! Why in the world are they here, and what does this have to do with the missing elk? As Conner goes deeper answers will be revealed.

One on One Gaming - The Forbidden Hills: Part One

After more than a year hiatus, our lone monk is back! Cris DM's Ben through another one player and one DM module. This time a barbarian tribe far to the North is in dire need of someone to help find out where all the Elk have gone to? If you like what you hear, head on over to Itunes and leave us a review. If you are in the Grand Rapids area check out our meetup at https://www.meetup.com/We-Hate-Bards/ to check out our games. We've got games going every week. If you want to throw some coin our way head on over to our Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/wehatebards Backers will receive early access to our Epic Tales podcasts, homebrew modules and games, and other members only access items.

Solo Quests - Freeway Fighter: Round 2

Cris just couldn't let this one go, so it is time to rev that engine and head out into the wasteland for a second time in a dangerous and unforgiving post-apocalyptical gas starved future.

Kid Games - Amazing Tales: Episode Three

The last, and probably final, episode with using the Amazing Tales RPG. Things get quickly out of hand and Cris has a hard time reigning in the stream of consciousness play style of Nicola and Terra.

Kid Games - Amazing Tales: Episode 2

Things started so simple, just some kids and an RPG, but these are Cris' kids were talking about. Things are about to gonzo in a hurry!

Tavern Ballads - Runequest Episode 57: Our Gang Meets Royalty!

This time our gang meets up with some very distinguished people, of the royal persuasion!

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